Good Brains for Good Brands turns creative brain power into a force for good

We create things to change things

The world's got issues. We harness the super power of creative people to solve yours, without big budgets

No cookie cutters. We build a bespoke team of world-class talent, without big agency price tags, every single time.

Diamonds in the rough. We get our mitts on talent no-one else can access. Most of all, we have  the talent who want to solve your problems as much as you do.

Changing the world doesn't happen by accident. We work with brands who are 'on purpose', on purpose. Sharp workshops. Tight frameworks. No clutter. Just impact. 


We were born in crisis.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a kick in the teeth for everyone. The financial impact hit charities the hardest. 

Ollie Scott, founder of UNKNOWN, the creative recruitment agency, and his team put a call out to see if anyone wanted to help.

8 hours later there were 200 sign-ups. 2 weeks later, 2000!  What's more, 6 charities had come on board.

UNKNOWN used their expertise to put together specialist teams to help each.

Good Brains for Good Brands was born.


We’re now a creative social enterprise. We want to give the third sector and impact organisations access to great creativity, in a unique way that works for everyone.


Bespoke, small teams of world-class talent. That's our Good Brains. They work fast. They work smart. Combined, that makes a big impact. We handpick them for each project.

We consider their skills, expertise, and passion for your cause. It all adds up to goosebumps when they show you their ideas.

Brand awareness   |   Issue awareness   |   Annual/seaional campaign   |   Event communications   |   Brand launch/refresh/re-launch   |   Seeking additional followers across social media channels, new website visitors and donors   |   Fundraising

Whatever your mission, we are strapped in for the ride, ready to explore new and innovative solutions.