We are here to support the underrepresented Good Brands of this world.

The third sector, registered charities, not-for-profits, NGOs, impact organisations with a cause at their heart.

We’re a place for you to get access to the cream of the creative industry's crop.  

We work with you to establish where an injection of creativity will have the most impact. And also when. 


Each year, UNKNOWN selects a charity partner.

Every organisation is different. We want to do something that works for you.

That means getting to know you (starting with the link below).

As our charity partner, we work out what you need and want, and how an injection of creativity can deliver the most impact. 

We also agree on a time that works best for you and your existing plans. 

Think a creative espresso shot, a boot-camp of ideas, a workshop of wonder. No clutter, just impact.

Whatever your mission, we are strapped in for the ride, ready to explore new and innovative solutions. 


We put together a bespoke, small team of world-class talent. That's our Good Brains. They work fast. They work smart. Combined, that makes a big impact. We consider their skills, expertise, and passion for your cause. 

It all adds up to goosebumps when they show you their ideas. 

You get the power of creativity to solve big problems without big budgets.

And the opportunity to make a creative impact, like this...

Drop us a line and let's have a chat