Cool. Cool. So, is this pro bono?


We want to support underrepresented charities and causes.

Those who typically can't afford to use established agencies . Or who don't have the reputation to get their pro bono support.

 Gotcha. Gotcha. So, will the Good Brains get paid for their work?

Unfortunately, no. We are all about cause driven creativity. Uniting creative people on a cause they care about. This runs alongside other work commitments and is typically a short burst. 

Good Brains sign up to participate because they want to give something back for a cause personal to them. They want to use their skills in a way that directly impacts the charity. So we provide the framework.

 Are you a freelance recruitment agency?

UNKNOWN is a creative recruitment agency who place both permanent and freelance talent in roles. If you're looking for a "proper job", drop them a line. We do engage freelancers on our projects. But we also use those who are working full-time. Visit our Good Brains section for more information.  

 How is my data processed?

So glad you asked.  This stuff is important these days. Check our Privacy Notice here and if you want to change any aspect of your data processing drop us line.


Well, thanks, guys. But my question isn't answered here. How do I get in touch?

Our MD Jules is happy to chat through any questions you may have, that aren't answered here. Click me for contact details.