I don't understand, is this pro bono still?

We wanted to make this a permanent viable social enterprise so we’ve moved from being ‘pro bono’ to low bono. 

 What does ‘low bono’ actually mean?

We’re still learning ourselves, but the way we see it, is that we’re about 10 times cheaper than an agency. We price our projects to cover all the hard work that goes into them and nothing else.

 OK, so, will the Good Brains get paid for their work?

Absolutely yes. We’re only taking paid briefs now to make sure our talent can earn something for their hard work. It might not be the usual day rate, but it’ll be something. 

 What does GBGB get out of it?

We take what we need to keep this going and hopefully grow at the same time. We’re a lean operation and firmly aim to remain that way as we serve more people.

 How is my data processed?

We are so glad you asked, this stuff is important these days. Check our Privacy Notice here and if you want to change any aspect of your data processing drop us line.