Hello you.

Gee whiz, are you in the right place.

This probably seems like a sophisticated zombie apocalypse. It isn't*

We're a home for you to apply your weird and wonderful skills in support of the causes you care about.

We provide the structure. You provide the expertise.

*there's really only one way to find out ⬇️


You're a busy bee. We're used to busy. Everyone is busy.

That's why our projects peacefully run alongside other commitments. All thanks to agile working methods. And a cruise-liner-load of communication.

As a Good Brain, you can grow your experience and stretch yourself. Most people are better than their job titles, and definitely better than the opportunities their company gives them.

We give you the chance to play outside the boundaries of both. Explore untapped creative ideas, broaden your connections, and deliver social impact. 

This is a pro-bono initiative to support underpresented charities and causes so we cannot recompense you for your time. All we can say is that you'll do the kind of work you'd be proud to show your Nan. (Maybe even your next employer).


Signing up is a piece of cake. Yum. 

1/You tell us the causes that matter to you. 2/We DO NOT share your details. (That's not exactly a step in the process, we just thought it was important for you to know). 3/We then contact you when we have a client project that fits your preferences. 4/We also pop updates on LinkedIn in case your inbox is as full of tinned spam as ours is.

All projects are different. So, the workings of each vary slightly. But all our projects have a clear objective, a start and end date, and are overseen by a dedicated project lead. You'll also have a full onboarding session at the start of any project and a debrief once it's all done and dusted.

Everything is transparent and collaborative from the get-go.

By way of an overview, we like to break it down into three stages.


01   |  TEAM

We’ll set you up in a team of harmonious brains, united by your passion for the cause


02   |  WORK

 There'll be client facing stuff, team collaboration and independent working across the preagreed timetable



03   |  DELIVERS

You’ll get your hands dirty (but weirdly, also clean at the same time) delivering against the brief and giving  recommendations for what should be next

You get the full support from us all at UNKNOWN.

You might even meet your new BFF.

Then there's the warm fuzzies you get from using your creativity for great causes like these...